ECHO2 Oxygen Facial

The ECHO2 oxygen facial leaves skin moist and glowing.
Normal make-up may be applied after 45 minutes.

ECHO2-toprightThe critical component of the ECHO2 treatment is the application of pressurized oxygen, which immediately disinfects, oxygenates, and hydrates the skin. This combined with a meticulous cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating process includes the customized application of pure vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to the treated area.

A series of ECHO2 treatments over a period of several months is often sufficient to plump up minor wrinkles and restore a smoother and more youthful appearance to the face.

Another advantage of the ECHO2 process is that it is very effective improving the condition of the skin on the neck and chest. These areas do not often respond well to the more conventional laser therapies available through plastic surgeons.

Pre and Post Operative Surgery Treatments

ECHO2The ECHO2 system of facial oxygenation is used to prepare the face for laser surgery and to accelerate the healing process after laserbrasion or laser resurfacing cosmetic surgery.

ECHO2 offers the first tested method of enabling people to look presentable in just a short period after having laserbrasion by reducing the redness and blistering after laser resurfacing.

Men and women in the public eye who must return to work quickly or who want to keep their laser surgery in disguise are referred by their plastic surgeons for a series of ECHO2 treatments prior to and immediately following cosmetic surgery.

These treatments can be provided in aftercare facilities and private homes so that optimal oxygenation is maintained in the critical days immediately following surgery.

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