Pre And Post Surgical Care

Working with both surgery patients and burn patients, Maria De Sio Skin Care provides advanced post surgical care. These specialized treatments can improve the quality of the healing process, provide comfort to the client and reduce recovery time. Always consult with your physician, prior to scheduling these treatments.

When treating post CO2 LASER., TCA, Dermabrasion or other surgical peels, including burns to the skin, Maria De Sio has developed a treatment that includes special sterile acidic soaks in conjunction with the delivery of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids mixed with a cool spray of medical-grade oxygen. This system provides hydration and cellular growth which is anti-bacterial in nature. Recommended treatments start the day or one day after surgery for 3-5 consecutive days.

1 hour $145
1 hour-home or after care $210

This treatment can be done on any surgical incision. Suture areas are cleansed and oxygenated with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals administered with a cooling spray. Helps the healing process and is antibacterial in nature.


20-30 min
$85 – $120

Recommended for post surgery patients to assist healing from bruising, excessive swelling and scar tissue. Also, recommended for post liposuction patients. All ultrasound treatments can be done in conjunction with oxygen skin treatments.

5-15 min $50
Series of 5 $200

Minimizing the appearance of scars almost completely has been one of Maria De Sio’s most successful treatments. The use of special solutions in conjunction with microdermabrasion softens and flattens the scar. The microdermabrasion machine was designed by two Italian Plastic Surgeons in Italy for this exact reason. Maria being Italian, researched this machine and brought one of the first microdermabrasion machines from Italy. The scars are first cleansed and then special solutions applied to soften them. Then, microdermabrasion is done, follower by EGF cream (epithelial growth factor) which is massaged on the scar at least 3 times a day. Sunscreen must be applied everyday. Number of treatments is determined by type, length, and thickness of scar.

15-20 min $95

HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY icon-read-about-this-service

HBOT is a method of restoring wellness by delivering oxygen to cells with which the blood comes into contact. Medical grade oxygen therapy has many healing benefits. This increased atmospheric pressure helps deliver oxygenated air to the blood, plasma and body tissues. Safely increases the bodies oxygen uptake by raising barometric pressure. Entire body is being oxygenated.

1 hr $85

(Pre and Post Surgical) performed by a makeup specialist
A certified camouflage specialist will create a natural looking appearance, while hiding all disfigurements and discolorations both before and after corrective surgery. Patients recovering from plastic surgery and laser treatments can show off their skin, as scars, bruising and swelling are concealed from unsuspecting eyes.

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